1. Alexa PenaVega

This girl has worked in Spy Kids serious which consist four American /Mexican spy adventure comedy. she has also worked like a star at Killjoy in Machete Kills and so. After focusing your eyesight on her image and know how much she has been grown over the time.


2. Nicola Peltz

This girl is looking awkward worked for The Last Airbender. She has turned like the hot star. who didn’t go to dribble against her? Good job Nicola !!


3. Jonathan Lipnicki

This tiny boy is worked at Jerry Maguire is fit also today. If you see this boy below, feel amazing that how he made him hot.


4. Josh Peck

If you have been watched the snow day and Drake, you may remember Josh Peck. His look attracts us. Not only this, He has been becoming a handsome devil now !!


5. Tania Raymonde

She has spent her days on Malcolm in the middle. After looking at this comparing early days picture with latest one, We once think again that how she has prepared her to look which We people feel stunning ??


6. Matthew Lewis

The look above, if we have gone through, you may feel, how a child transforms their appearance over the time ??


7. Daniel Curtis Lee

Look at the picture above. This is the boy named Daniel Curtis Lee from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide looks too delicious nowadays!


8. Alyson Stoner

Known as a cheaper by more than dozen star, Alyson Stoner now became a full-fledged star. She has known after working at Disney Channel’s Mike’s Super Short Show. See that how she turned herself like a fashion celebrity?


9. Michelle Trachtenberg

We all know this gentle looking girl Michelle Trachtenberg from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Now She has been recognized as a Gossip Girl as Queen Georgina who rules over the citizen of the world. Here you can imagine that how a little gently girl changed herself seems like a beautiful woman over the time.


10. Selena Gomez

She is a great singer as well as the best actress too. In addition to this, She has taken birth at Grand Prairie at Texas. finally, she also deserves the best place on this list.