1. Okay, let’s get started! Nice and wet.

Little did I know that it would be a complete disaster.



Movies really make us believe that Shower sex is completely perfect. Also, making love under the water is just WOW! But the reality is contrary and totally hilarious. Shower sex involves messy and nasty stuff along with hilarious thoughts that can make your pleasurable time totally sh*tty in no time.

If you’re one of those who hasn’t got a chance to have Shower Sex then you should check out these hilarious thoughts people had when they tried Shower sex for the first time. And if you were unlucky enough to go through Shower sex then get ready to relate to these painful points.



2. Wait! There is a bit of soap in my eyes

I know, that’s crazily hilarious but unfortunately, I couldn’t help it.


3. And, wow! Now it is in my mouth

Yes, it slipped to my mouth and trust me it tastes pretty bad.


4. Okay, he was not this tall, like five minutes ago

I had sexy thoughts about my man. Because he was looking hotter than the sun!


5. Hair, hair! I have wet hair in my mouth


Ewww! That’s totally gross. But I couldn’t lose my chill!


6. Well, at least now I know my upper body strength is pretty awesome